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Overview of Labrador Retrievers

Overview of Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever (also Labrador, or Lab for short) is one of several kinds of retriever, a type of gun dog. The Labrador, once known as the Lesser Newfoundland, is the most popular breed of dog (by registered ownership) in the world and is by a large margin the most popular breed by registration in the United States (since 1991), and the United Kingdom.

It is also the most popular breed of assistance dog in the United States, Australia, and many other countries, as well as being widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities. They are exceptionally affable, gentle, intelligent, energetic, and good-natured, and Labradors are generally considered good companions for people of all ages (due to a high level of patience and tolerance for children), making them both excellent companions and working dogs. With training, the Labrador is one of the most dependable, obedient, and multitalented breeds in the world.

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